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What is Emface™?

Face Contour

Emface™ is a needle-free filler replacement that leaves your face more sculpted, tighter, and toned. This revolutionary facial contour treatment offers a more natural way to lift your brows, define your cheekbones, restore volume, reduce fine lines, and increase collagen and elastin which keep your face soft and plump.

How it works as a non-invasive treatment lies in how the treatment utilizes a combination of HIFES (high-intensity facial electrical stimulation) and radiofrequency technology to improve facial muscle density and stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Many people prefer the natural lift and contour from Emface™, however, the results are gradual and may appear months after treatment. Learn more by booking a free consultation with our team of highly skilled providers!

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What is Emface™ FDA Cleared For?

The heating from the HIFES and RF (radiofrequency) technology help provide temporary relief of pain, muscle spasms, and help increase local circulation.

Emface™ is also FDA cleared to reduce the appearance of wrinkles along with aesthetic use for facial, neck, and body stimulation which makes the treatment perfect for special non invasive face and body enhancement.

Get started by learning if Emface Treatments in San Francisco are right for you by getting a free comprehensive assessment by our extensively experienced and trained Emface providers here at Nob Hill Aesthetics!

Does Emface actually work?

  • How Emface can be a natural replacement to address Forehead Wrinkles

    37% Fewer Wrinkles

    Emface treatments are a natural replacement for Botox®, other neurotoxins, and wrinkle treatments like Sculptra, Morpheus8, Microneedling, and Dermal Fillers.

    Clinical Study
  • Facial muscle tone from HIFES of Emface treatments in San Francisco

    30% More Facial Muscle Tone

    HIFES (high-intensity facial electrical stimulation) from Emface treatments create pulses that induce facial muscle contractions strengthening the muscle fibers.

    Clinical Study
  • Facial Lift from Emface Treatments in San Francisco

    23% Increase in Facial Lift

    Emface's strengthening and toning of facial muscles provides a natural facial lifting effect as stronger muscle fibers support overlying skin to reduce facial sagging and drooping.

    Clinical Study
  • Woman's voluminous cheeks from Emface

    1.65 ml Increase in Volume

    As a needle-free dermal filler replacement, Emface treatments have shown to increase upper cheek volume by an average of 1.65 ml which is comparable to the results you would expect from more than 1 vial of dermal fillers here at Nob Hill Aesthetics

    Clinical Study
  • Woman's perfect skin elastin from Emface

    129% Increase in Elastin

    By your 30s and 40s, you may have already lost around 30% of your natural elastin production from when you were younger in your 20s. Emface is an incredible treatment that helps increase elastin production therefore reducing the appearance wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.

    Clinical Study
  • Man Smilling from increase collagen from Emface

    27% Increase in Collagen

    Collagen plays a vital role in your body, but in particular for the skin. Collagen fibers provide strength and elasticity needed for your skin to maintain its firmness and youthful appearance. Emface Treatments help boost your natural collagen production that you lose every year as you age.

    Clinical Study
Emface's Jawline Results

How Emface™ Solves Double Chins

What contributes to your double Chin? There are 3 main factors that play a role in the appearance of a double chin and knowing which you have can tell you which solution works best for you:

  1. Excessive fat around the chin
  2. Facial skin drooping
  3. Loose digastric muscle (the muscle involved in a lot of jaw movements and is located behind the mandible).

Emface uniquely treats 2 of these areas to refine your chin's appearance. With Emface's HIFES (high-intensity facial electrical stimulation), you can strengthen your digastric muscle adding support and shape to your chin's overall structure appearance. On the other hand, Emface's RF (radiofrequency) generates heat which helps promote collagen and elastin production solving the facial skin drooping.

How much does Emface treatments cost?

The cost of your Emface treatment, varies depending on several factors like the concerns you were looking to address and the current condition of your skin among other factors such as:

  1. Current Muscle Tone
  2. Extent of Skin Sagging
  3. Age
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Targeted Area

In general, Emface treatments require a series of 6 treatment sessions for optimal results. In addition, maintenance is often recommended every 3-6 months depending on the concerns you are looking to address! Our Emface providers will take you through a comprehensive free Emface consultation to find out if the treatment is right for you! Revitalize your skin's health and appearance with a needle free alternative to Botox, fillers, and lasers with the help of Emface's powerful HIFES and RF technology! Get started with our expert Emface providers by getting a price estimate below!

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Our Emface Reviews

Emface Logo
Emface Logo
Emface Logo

"The best place to get Botox, Coolsculp or EmFace. Doctor Bukov is amazing. Highly recommend, friendly staff, clean office, and convenient parking in the building."

Alex C.

"Dr. Bukov and his team provide artful, effective aesthetic procedures with competitive pricing. They work with your budget to create a treatment plan, and they don’t hesitate to tell you when a procedure isn’t appropriate for you. Dr. Bukov has an artistic eye, and gives you results without the overdone “Orange County” look. You’ll look younger and refreshed! These two photos were taken 18 months apart. The first (hair pulled back) is before any treatment with Dr. Bukov. Notice the jowls, general facial drooping, and deep nasiolabial folds. The second is after Morpheus8, Sculptra, and EmFace. I am very happy with my results and highly recommend Dr. Bukov and his team"

Leslie B.

"Nob Hill has a very professional, skilled, and friendly team who deliver exceptional client service, and the treatments they offer deliver significant and lasting results. After the course of EmFace procedures my skin looks fantastic and my face is visibly lifted and smoother. Best of all, I look like myself (not like I had something done), and I appear fresher and rested."

Christopher B.
Woman Calling Asking Questions About Emface Side Effects

What are the side effects of Emface?

Emface treatments carry very minor risks compared to other procedures that address similar issues. A comprehensive list of possible side effects include redness and mild swelling in the treated area, a warm heating sensation during and following the Emface treatment, dry skin at the site of the treated area, minor muscle pain and possible muscle spasms, as well as temporary damage/changes to your natural skin texture. These side effects often resolve on their own within 24 to 48 hours!

Common Side Effects - redness, warmth, slight swelling , and muscle fatigue

Rare Side Effects - slight bruising, minor headache if not used to muscle contractions

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Emface™ Providers


    Isabella Elliot

    Over 6 years of experience in the aesthetics industry

    Isabella's unique blend of professional expertise, adventurous soul, and musical talent influences her empathetic approach and artistic vision within her personalized treatment plans. Her different perspectives compliment her client's needs!

  • Madeline_Circle_2 - Nob Hill Aesthetics

    Kyla Phelps

    Over 6 years of experience as a licensed esthetician

    Kyla is an impassioned specialist in skincare and body contouring, known for her unwavering dedication to tailoring each client's journey. Her mission is to empower and reveal other's inner confidence through personalized treatments and care.

  • Madeline_Circle_11_caba26d0-8fe1-4ea7-8473-768e66d00e4e - Nob Hill Aesthetics

    Moon Pham

    Over 10+ years of experience in the Aesthetics Industry

    As a renowned body contouring specialist at Nob Hill Aesthetics, Moon is celebrated for expertly sculpting and enhancing natural beauty with refined techniques and a personalized, compassionate approach to each client's unique aesthetic goals.

Emsculpt Neo™

Aside from Emface, BTL Aesthetics also provides, Emsculpt Neo™, a perfect solution for muscle tone to redefine body shape! Hand selected by our team of body contour experts here at Nob Hill Aesthetics, Emsculpt Neo™ is one of the most popular treatments that helps:

  1. Address muscle loss from weight loss injections like Ozempic
  2. Reduce stubborn fat in unwanted areas
  3. Enhance body shape to improve body confidence

Learn more by reading our Emsculpt treatment page!


In addition to Emface and Emsculpt Neo, BTL Aesthetics introduced Emsella, a treatment to resolve incontinence and sexual dysfunction in 2018. Since then, the Emsella treatment has become widespread and routinely relied on by both Men and Women! Emsella works by releasing HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energy to stimulate pelvic floor muscle contractions.

These contractions help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and improve endurance. The weakness of these muscles are the root cause of urinary incontinence and many sexual dysfunction cases in both men and women! Emsella treatments provide the quality of life many are looking for with the added plus of comfort and convenience while sitting on a chair!

Learn more by reading our Emsella treatment page!

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Emface Treatment Summary

  • Emface™ Cost:

    Base Deals (per Session)

    • Regular Price: $1000 per Session

    • Platinum Members: $500 per Session

    Package Deals (per Session)

    • 6 Sessions: $4000 | Save $2000

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  • What Emface™ Treats:

    1. Lifts and Tightens Facial Muscles

    2. Reduces Wrinkles

    3. Stimulates Collagen and Elastin

  • Emface™ Treatable Areas:

    1. Brows

    2. Cheeks

    3. Corners of the Mouth

    4. Jowls

  • Emface™ Treatment Time:

    Procedure Time - 45 minutes per session

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  • Emface™ Treatment Series:

    Initial Correction - 4 sessions

    Maintenance - 1 or 2 sessions every year

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  • Emface™ Recovery Time:

    1. No Downtime: One of the major benefits of Emface is that it involves no downtime. You can typically return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment.
    2. Post-Treatment Sensations: After the treatment, you might experience mild redness or warmth in the treated area, but these symptoms are usually transient and resolve quickly.
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  • Emface™ Side Effects:

    Common Side Effects - redness, warmth, slight swelling , and muscle fatigue

    Rare Side Effects - slight bruising, minor headache if not used to muscle contractions

    *if rare side effects appear call us at (415) 440-6800 or use the chat bot and we will respond right away

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  • Emface™ Treatment Results:

    1. Lifts Face (brows, cheekbones, facial muscles)

    2. Restores Face Volume

    3. Reduce Fine Lines

    4. Tones Facial Muscles

    5. Provide overall refreshed, tighter, smoother complexion

    *Individual Results may vary depending on severity of condition and response

    *Results will gradually appear over a several months as improved Collagen and Elastin production kick in

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Nob Hill Aesthetics Treatment Summary Logo
Nob Hill Aesthetics Treatment Summary Logo
Nob Hill Aesthetics Treatment Summary Logo
Nob Hill Aesthetics Treatment Summary Logo
Nob Hill Aesthetics Treatment Summary Logo
Nob Hill Aesthetics Treatment Summary Logo
Nob Hill Aesthetics Treatment Summary Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Nob Hill Aesthetics

Why Nob Hill Aesthetics?

Our team of Emface™ specialists at Nob Hill Aesthetics have undergone extensive training and was the first med spa to offer this procedure in San Francisco. As a first mover we have had the advantages of experience compared to other med spas in the area helping us create the best results!

Can I get a consultation Without Coming in?

Online consultations for Emface™ can not be done online or through pictures, as we believe an in person 30 minute free Emface™ consultation is the best method to determine whether Emface™ is right for you! Get that sculpted, tighter, and toned face through a natural way that you have always wanted! No downtime, no needles, all natural!

Contact us by calling (415) 440-6800, use the chat bot, or use the book now button to make an appointment for a free consultation now to get started!


What Memberships Discounts are There?

While we have 3 tiers of Memberships for Botox, we also have 3 tiers of memberships (Silver, Gold, and Premier) for all other procedures. Only the Platinum Membership tier offers 50% Off on Emface™ and all other body contour and health and wellness procedures!

The platinum membership costs $500/month, but these payments go toward your beauty bank and can be used toward any treatment or skincare product. The membership also has a one year commitment, but will allow you to save 50% Off your Emface™ treatments.

How much does My Emface™ Treatment Cost?

The price of your Emface™ treatment depends on the amount sessions needed and that will depend on your body's response to the treatment. However most people will receive 4-6 sessions over the course of several weeks.

Base Deal

  • Regular Price: $1000 per Session
  • Platinum Member Price: $500 per Session

Package Deal

  • 6 Sessions: $4000 | Save $2000

Treatment Details

How Is Emface™ different than Fillers and Neurotoxins like Botox?

Before Emface™, if you wanted to sculpt your facial features or smooth fine lines you would require neurotoxin injections (like Botox®) or filler injections. Now, Emface™ addresses those very same issues in a more natural, needle free, and subtle way.

Fillers inject HAs (hyaluronic acid) into the face which add volume and lift with results appearing in 1-2 weeks while Botox™ and other neurotoxins, paralyze or "freeze" facial muscles to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming with results showing within 1-2 weeks.

On the other hand, Emface™ strengthens facial muscles to add volume and lift. In addition, the treatment uses RF (radio frequency) heat to smooth lines and forehead wrinkles.

In other words, Emface™ accomplishes what fillers and neurotoxin injections like botox treat all in one treatment. The only difference however, is that Emface™ has more natural and subtler results that last longer and appear gradually up to 3 months for results to completely show.

Many clients believe Emface™ is their replacement for both fillers and Botox® injections, however, this procedure is not for clients who want to completely hide their forehead lines with neurotoxin injections or add a lot of volume to your facial contour with fillers.

If you are looking for natural and subtle results yet don't mind waiting a couple months as your collagen and elastin production work miracles behind the scenes, then Emface™ is the perfect treatment for you!

When will I see my Emface™ results?

The timeline for seeing results from Emface™, a non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment, can vary based on individual factors like age, skin condition, and lifestyle. However, there is a general timeline you can expect:

  1. Immediate Post-Treatment: Right after the treatment, there may not be any noticeable changes. Some individuals might experience a slight lifting or tightening sensation, but visible changes are typically not immediate.
  2. First Few Weeks: In the weeks following your treatment, you may start to notice subtle improvements. The technology used in Emface™ stimulates collagen production and muscle conditioning, which develops gradually.
  3. 1-3 Months: This is often when significant changes become more noticeable. As your skin continues to produce collagen and the muscles are more toned, you may see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and an improvement in overall facial contour.
  4. 3-6 Months: For many patients, the full effects of the treatment are visible within this timeframe. The outcome includes improved skin texture, lifted facial contours, and a more youthful appearance.
  5. Long-Term Results: The longevity of Emface™ results can vary. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, good skincare routine, and possibly follow-up sessions as recommended by your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider can help sustain the results.
  6. Individual Variation: It's important to remember that everyone's skin responds differently. Factors like the natural aging process, skin type, and how well you care for your skin post-treatment can influence the timing and extent of the results.

Your Nob Hill Aesthetics Emface™ provider will be able to give you a more personalized timeline based on your specific circumstances. They can also advise you on any additional treatments or maintenance sessions that might be beneficial to enhance or prolong your results.

How Does Emface™ Work?

If you're familiar with Emsculpt Neo™ for your body, Emface™ works in a similar way. Emface™ uses High-Intensity Facial Electrical Stimulation—or HIFES—to contract and strengthen the delicate facial muscles, causing a lifting effect.

EMFace™ combines radiofrequency with electromagnetic stimulation, focusing on the elevators of the face—the frontalis and the zygomaticus major and minor muscles. The frontalis elevates the brow. The zygomaticus major and minor muscles elevate the corners of the mouth and lift the face.

The combination of the treatments increases the tone and size of these muscles and also decreases wrinkles

Is Emface™ Safe?

Emface™ is considered safe for most individuals seeking non-invasive facial rejuvenation. However, as with any cosmetic procedure, there are certain aspects to consider regarding its safety:

1. Technology and Methodology

  • Emface™ combines synchronized radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity facial electrical stimulation (HIFES™) technologies.
  • These technologies are designed to target skin laxity and muscle tone without invasive procedures.

2. FDA Clearance

  • Emface™ has received FDA clearance for its intended use, which is a tested indicator of its safety and efficacy.

3. Side Effects

  • Common side effects are typically minimal and may include temporary redness, warmth, or tingling in the treated area.
  • Serious side effects are rare, especially when the procedure is performed by your qualified and experienced Nob Hill Aesthetics Emface™ providers.

4. Individual Suitability

  • Not everyone is an ideal candidate for Emface™. The treatment is more suitable for individuals experiencing certain types of skin aging symptoms like mild to moderate skin laxity and facial wrinkles.
  • It might not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions, skin diseases, or those who are pregnant.

5. Nob Hill Aesthetics Emface™ Expertise

  • The safety of the procedure is greatly enhanced when performed by your Nob Hill Aesthetics trained, experienced, and licensed provider.

6. Patient Reviews and Clinical Studies

  • Looking into our client testimonials and other general clinical study results to discover insights into the safety and satisfaction rates of Emface™ treatments.

7. Consultation and Assessment

  • A thorough pre-treatment consultation is crucial. This is when potential risks, individual health considerations, and contraindications are discussed.


While Emface™ is considered safe for many individuals, it's important to discuss your specific health situation, expectations, and any concerns with your Nob Hill Aesthetics Emface™ provider who can provide personalized advice and ensure the highest safety standards are met.

Treatment Schedule

What Can I Expect Before my Emface™ Treatment?

Before undergoing an Emface™ treatment, a non-invasive procedure aimed at rejuvenating the skin and improving facial contours, you can expect to go through several preparatory steps:

1. Initial Consultation: Discuss your aesthetic goals, assess your skin condition, and determine if Emface™ is the right treatment for you. You'll be asked about your medical history, including any medications, allergies, and previous cosmetic procedures.

2. Pre-Treatment Evaluation: A thorough evaluation of your skin will be conducted to identify areas that would benefit from the treatment. Based on your goals and skin assessment, a customized treatment plan will be created.

3. Pre-Treatment Instructions: You may be advised to follow a specific skincare routine leading up to the treatment, such as avoiding certain products or treatments that could irritate the skin.

4. Medications and Supplements: Inform your practitioner about any medications or supplements you're taking, as some may need to be paused before the treatment.

5. Avoidance of Certain Activities: You might be advised to avoid activities that can increase skin sensitivity, like extensive sun exposure or tanning.

6. Setting Expectations: Your practitioner will discuss what you can realistically expect from the treatment in terms of results.

7. Procedure Explanation: You'll receive a detailed explanation of the procedure, including how it works, duration, and sensations you might experience during the treatment. Although Emface™ is generally safe, you'll be informed about any potential risks or side effects.

8. Arrival On the Day of the Treatment: Plan to arrive with a clean face, free of makeup, moisturizers, or other skincare products. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid wearing jewelry or accessories around the face or neck.

By following these steps, you'll be well-prepared for your Emface™ treatment. Always feel free to ask questions and express any concerns to your Nob Hill Aesthetic Emface™ provider to ensure you're comfortable and informed throughout the process.

What can I expect during my Emface™ Treatment?

During an Emface™ treatment, a non-invasive procedure designed for facial rejuvenation, you can expect the following steps:

On the Day of Treatment

  1. Arrival: Arrive at the Nob Hill Aesthetics clinic. It’s usually recommended to come with a clean face, free of makeup or lotions.
  2. Skin Cleansing: Your NHA Emface™ provider will cleanse your skin to remove any oils or residue.

During the Treatment

  1. Application of Device: The Emface™ device will be applied to the targeted areas of your face. It uses a combination of synchronized RF (radiofrequency) and HIFES™ (high-intensity facial electrical stimulation) energies.
  2. Sensation During Treatment: You may feel a warming sensation from the RF energy and muscle contractions due to the electrical stimulation. This is generally well-tolerated and not painful.
  3. Adjustment of Settings: Your provider may adjust the device settings for your comfort and the most effective treatment.
  4. Duration: The procedure typically lasts about 30 minutes, depending on the treatment area.

After the Treatment Session

  1. Post-Treatment Assessment: Your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider will assess your skin immediately after the treatment.
  2. Post-Treatment Care Instructions: You'll receive instructions on any post-treatment care, which is usually minimal.

Each person's response to Emface™ can vary, so your experience may differ slightly.

What can I expect after my Emface™ Treatment?

After undergoing an Emface™ treatment, you can anticipate the following detailed steps in your recovery and results timeline:

Immediately After Treatment

  1. Post-Treatment Sensations: Right after the session, you might feel a warm sensation in the treated areas. This is normal and usually subsides quickly.
  2. Skin Appearance: Some mild redness akin to a light sunburn may be noticeable. This is temporary and typically fades within a few hours.
  3. Resume Activities: You can immediately return to your daily routine. There's no required downtime.
  4. Skincare: Follow any specific skincare instructions provided by your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider. Usually, gentle cleansing and moisturizing are recommended.

First Week

  1. Hydration: Keep your skin well-hydrated.
  2. Sun Protection: Use sunscreen to protect the treated areas from sun exposure.
  3. Monitor for Side Effects: While rare, contact your Emface™ provider if you notice any unusual or prolonged side effects.

1-3 Months Post-Treatment

  1. Gradual Changes: You might start to notice subtle improvements in your skin's tone and texture.
  2. Follow-Up Sessions: If additional sessions are part of your treatment plan, they will typically be scheduled around this time.
  3. Visible Results: More significant results usually become apparent. You may notice reduced fine lines, wrinkles, and an overall more youthful appearance.
  4. Evaluation: It's a good time to evaluate the outcome with your provider and discuss if further sessions are needed.

3-6 Months and Beyond

  1. Full Effect: Optimal results are typically observed within this period.
  2. Maintenance: Depending on individual factors and your Emface™ provider’s advice, maintenance sessions may be recommended to prolong the effects.

Long-Term Care

  1. Skincare Routine: Maintain a healthy skincare routine including moisturizing and sun protection.
  2. Healthy Lifestyle: A balanced diet, adequate hydration, and avoiding smoking can help sustain the results.
  3. Periodic Assessments: Regular check-ins with your Nob Hill Aesthetics providera can help in managing long-term expectations and maintenance.

Each person's response to Emface™ can vary, so your experience may differ slightly. This timeline provides a general idea of what to expect, but your experience may vary based on individual factors like skin type, age, and overall health. Always follow the specific advice of your Nob Hill Aesthetics Emface™ provider.


Am I a good candidate for Emface™?

Emface™ is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment designed to rejuvenate facial skin. It's important to consider several factors to determine if you're a good candidate for Emface™:

  1. Skin Condition and Concerns: Emface™ is typically used to address issues like skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  2. Age: While there's no strict age limit, Emface™ is often sought by individuals experiencing age-related skin changes, usually in their 30s or older.
  3. Health Status: Good candidates are generally healthy without major medical conditions that could affect the treatment's safety or effectiveness.
  4. Prior Treatments: If you've had certain facial treatments or surgeries, it may impact your suitability for Emface™.
  5. Allergies/Skin Sensitivities: If you have skin conditions or allergies, discuss these with your Nob Hill Aesthetics Emface™ provider to ensure the treatment is safe for you.

Consulting with our certified team of Emface experts™ is the best way to determine if Emface™ is suitable for you. We can assess your individual case, taking into account your medical history, skin condition, and aesthetic goals.

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