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What is Sculptra?

Aesthetic Injectable

Sculptra, is a filler that strongly stimulates longterm  and “semi-permanent” collagen production. As we age, everyone naturally loses collagen which causes sagging, loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. With the help of collagen, your body is able to restore loss volume. 

Unlike other fillers, the effects (which may last for years) of Sculptra collagen production and overall skin improvements far outlast the duration of results from regular filler treatments of 6-10 months. In addition, Sculptra provides much more natural results compared to other fillers as the treatment relies on the gradual replacement of naturally lost collagen to do all the lifting. 

Replace the naturally lost collagen in your body and address those skin texture, skin quality, and skin volume issues! With the most natural results in comparison to other fillers and with long lasting results of up to multiple years , Sculptra offers the perfect solution to address fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone & texture, acne scars, and volume loss!

Including being proven safe by FDA approval, Sculptra is also backed by research results: 95% of patients* had improved skin glow 2 years after receiving Sculptra Treatment. Learn more and get started on anti-aging & enhance your skin's glow by booking a consultation with our team of highly skilled Sculptra medical providers! Consultation cost of $200 will be credited to any procedure or refunded if you aren't a suitable candidate.

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$950 per CC

Treatment Summary

  • Sculptra Cost:

    Base Deals (per CC)

    • Regular Price: $950 per CC

    • Silver, Gold, and Platinum Members: $712.5 per CC

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  • What Sculptra Treats:

    1. Restoring Lost Facial Volume

    2. Smoothing Deep Lines and Wrinkles

    3. Enhancing Facial Contours

    4. Treating Facial Lipoatrophy (loss of fat in the face)

    5. Address Uneven Skin Texture & Tone

  • Sculptra Treatable Areas:

    1. Cheeks

    2. Temples

    3. Chin

    4. Jawline

    5. Nasolabial folds

    6. Marionette lines

  • Sculptra Treatment Time:

    Procedure Time - 45

    Numbing Time - 15 minutes

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  • Sculptra Treatment Series:

    Initial Correction - 2 to 3 Treatment Sessions with 1-2 CC each Session

    Maintenance - Depends on an individual's speed of Sculptra metabolism and their goals. In general results will last 2 more years, but some individuals will opt to do a retouch of 1 session every year. 

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  • Sculptra Recovery Time:

    Recovery Time - no downtime; you’re free to go about your normal activities without interruption. You’ll want to avoid strenuous activities for a couple of days.

    There may be bruising or swelling at the injection site that will go away after a couple of days. If you feel sore, you can take over-the-counter NSAIDs as your provider advises.

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  • Sculptra Side Effects:

    Common Side Effects - swelling, bruising, discomfort, tenderness, injection site pain, itching, bleeding.

    Rare Side Effects More rare side effects include allergic reaction, vascular occlusion, bumps underneath your skin, or skin discoloration.

    *if rare side effects appear call us at (415) 440-6800 or use the chat bot and we will respond right away

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  • Sculptra Treatment Results:

    1. Improved Skin Texture & Tone

    2. Restores Loss Volume

    3. Stimulates Collagen Production

    4. Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

    5. Addresses the Shallow to Deep Nasolabial Fold Contour Deficiencies

    6. Corrects the Signs of Facial Fat Loss

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Our Sculptra Reviews

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"Dr. Bukov and his team provide artful, effective aesthetic procedures with competitive pricing. They work with your budget to create a treatment plan, and they don’t hesitate to tell you when a procedure isn’t appropriate for you. Dr. Bukov has an artistic eye, and gives you results without the overdone “Orange County” look. You’ll look younger and refreshed! These two photos were taken 18 months apart. The first (hair pulled back) is before any treatment with Dr. Bukov. Notice the jowls, general facial drooping, and deep nasiolabial folds. The second is after Morpheus8, Sculptra, and EmFace. I am very happy with my results and highly recommend Dr. Bukov and his team."

Leslie B.

"The team is amiable, kind, efficient and always answers the phone. They’re flexible when work necessitates a change in my appointment. Additionally, Dr. Bukov is brilliant with Botox which is not an easy feat, as everyone’s facial muscles are different.
I’ve done more invasive procedures as well like Sculptra, and I’m pleased with the results and process. There price points and payment plans are very competitive too!"

Lana F.

"I went to Dr.Bukov not knowing what procedures I wanted to do this time- I just wanted to look less tired, more rejuvenated and natural!

I have done 2 rounds of Sculptra and it's a slow game changer- people comment how good I look , like I took a luxury vacation.

However, when you are 53, and the loss of volume has happened, more than one procedure is needed to keep these cheekbones up and mouth corners lifted, lol.

Dr. Bukov suggested a filler in the mid face and cheek bones- the results were instantaneous and amazing!!! My face looks natural, but 10 years younger! Dr. Bukov made the right call once again- he's like a sculptor: I only want him to take care of my face/body to help me age gracefully- he is an expert and definitely knows what he's doing! Also, he surrounded himself with an amazing trained medical staff- awesome nurses and a super star manager Moon!

I feel blessed to have met Dr. Bukov and Moon! I'll recommend Nob Hill Aesthetics to anyone who I love and care about."

Inna S.

"The staff are very nice and my skin looks amazing from the halo plus bbl. I honestly was not thinking I really needed it because my skin is pretty amazing from other procedures plus good skincare and healthy lifestyle, but the after effects from the procedure were amazing and I am receiving constant comments on my youthful and beautiful skin. I have also done CoolTone and Coolsculpting and have had great results. Lastly the NP who gave me filler is an artist and does wonderful work plus listened to me as wanted to look good but not done (over done) especially being a male. I highly recommend Nob Hill Medical And Aesthetics.

More recently I have done PRF treatments under my eyes and the impact is life changing. Major improvement. I also just did the other day a sculptra treatment and although it will take time to see the real results, I already think there is already some improvement. Quality work and quality prices. Good luck finding another place where you get quality treatments and great prices. I won't go anywhere else as the staff and service is great!"

Brad F.

Sculptra Providers


    Konstantin Bukov, MD

    Over 10 years of experience in the aesthetics industry

    With his exceptional skill set, artistic vision, and unwavering dedication to your well-being, Dr. Bukov is committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals

  • Madeline_Circle - Nob Hill Aesthetics

    Madeline Kaveri, RN

    Over 12 years of experience in the aesthetics industry

    Madeline combines her wealth of experience, meticulous attention to detail, and a warm, nurturing style of care to deliver an unparalleled level of service

Frequently Asked Questions

Nob Hill Aesthetics

Why Nob Hill Aesthetics?

A skilled hand is critical in determining your results from Aesthetic Injectables like Sculptra. Dr. Bukov and all of our Nob Hill Aesthetics Sculptra providers have undergone extensive training and with many years of experience, all of our providers have mastered the art of performing Sculptra Injections! Check out what our clients think of their Sculptra treatments above!

Can I get a consultation Without Coming in?

While we offer price estimates over email and our chat bot, we require an in-person consultation to ensure that Sculptra is right for you! Contact us by calling (415) 440-6800 or use the chat bot to set up your consultation!


What Memberships Discounts are There?

While we have 3 tiers of Memberships for Botox, we also have 3 tiers of memberships (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) for all other procedures. Only the non-botox membership tiers (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) offers 25% Off on Sculptra treatments!

The Silver membership start at $200/month but these payments go toward your beauty bank and can be used toward any treatment or skincare product.

The membership also has a 1 year commitment, but will allow you to save 25% Off Sculptra treatments and many other procedures!

How much does My Sculptra Treatment Cost?

The price of your Sculptra Treatment will depend on the number of CC determined during your personalized consultation. We have a base price of $950 per CC, but generally our clients require 4-6 CC across 2-3 treatments sessions for their initial correction.

Base Deal

  • Regular Price: $950 per CC
  • Silver Member Price: $712.5 per CC

Treatment Details

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a dermal filler made from a synthetic material called poly-L-lactic acid, which is biocompatible and biodegradable. Sculptra works by stimulating your skin’s own natural collagen production. Over time, as the skin produces more collagen, the treated areas gradually gain volume, resulting in a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Sculptra is primarily used to treat shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds. Unlike some other dermal fillers that give immediate results, Sculptra works gradually, offering more subtle results over a few months. The effects of Sculptra are long-lasting, often remaining for two years or more after the initial treatment, but it does require a series of injection sessions, typically three, spread over a few months.

What Can I Expect Before my Sculptra Treatment?

Before undergoing a Sculptra treatment, there are several important steps and considerations to ensure the procedure is as effective and safe as possible. Here's a detailed guide on what to expect before your Sculptra treatment:

  1. Initial Consultation:
  • Assessment - Your Nob Hill Aesthetic's Sculptra provider will assess your medical history, skin condition, and aesthetic goals to determine if Sculptra is the right treatment for you.
  • Discussion - They will discuss the expected outcomes, potential side effects, cost, and the number of sessions required.
  • Photographs - For comparison purposes, our Sculptra specialists will take "before" photographs of the areas to be treated.

2. Pre-Treatment Instructions:

  • Avoid Certain Medications and Supplements - You may be advised to avoid blood-thinning medications (like aspirin, ibuprofen) and supplements (like fish oil, vitamin E) for a week or two before the treatment to reduce the risk of bruising.
  • Skincare Regimen - Your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider may recommend a specific skincare routine leading up to the treatment to prepare your skin.
  • Stay Hydrated: Being well-hydrated can help with recover

3. Health and Lifestyle Considerations:

  • Discuss Current Medications - Inform your doctor about any medications or supplements you are currently taking.
  • Medical Conditions - Disclose any skin infections or other medical conditions that might impact the treatment.

4. Schedule Your Treatment:

  • Timing - Plan your treatment considering any social or work commitments, as there may be some minimal downtime or visible side effects (like swelling or bruising) immediately after the treatment.

5. Day Before the Treatment:

  • Skin Care: Avoid any harsh skincare treatments or products the day before.

6. Day of the Treatment:

  • Eat a Healthy Meal - Have a good meal before your appointment to reduce the risk of feeling lightheaded during the procedure.
  • Clean Skin - Arrive with clean skin, free of makeup or skincare products.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothing - Choose clothing that is comfortable and provides easy access to the treatment areas.

Following these steps can help ensure a smooth and successful Sculptra treatment experience. Always follow the specific advice and instructions provided by your Sculptra provider here at Nob Hill Aesthetics, as individual needs and circumstances can vary.

What can I expect during my Sculptra Treatment?

During your Sculptra treatment, you can expect a series of steps that are generally followed to ensure the procedure is performed safely and effectively. Here's a detailed guide on what typically happens during a Sculptra treatment session at Nob HiIl Aesthetics:

1. Pre-Procedure Preparations

  • Consultation Review: Your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider will review the treatment plan and discuss what will happen during the session.
  • Cleansing: The treatment area will be thoroughly cleaned to minimize the risk of infection.
  • Topical Anesthetic: A topical numbing cream will be applied to the treatment area to reduce discomfort.

2. Marking the Treatment Area

  • Mapping Out Injections: Your Sculptra provider will mark the specific areas on your skin where the Sculptra injections will be administered.

3. The Injection Process

  • Administering Sculptra: Using a fine needle, your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider will inject Sculptra into the predetermined areas. The number of injections will depend on the treatment plan.
  • Massage: After each injection, your Sculptra provider may gently massage the area to distribute the product evenly.
  • Discomfort Level: While you may feel a slight pinch or pressure during the injections, most individuals find the discomfort to be minimal.

4. Monitoring for Immediate Reactions

  • Observation: After the injections, you may be observed for a short period to ensure there are no immediate reactions or complications.

5. Post-Treatment Instructions

  • Guidance on Care: Your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider will provide detailed instructions on how to care for the treated area, including any recommended massage techniques, avoiding certain activities, and skincare tips.
  • Scheduling Follow-Up: If additional sessions are needed, they will typically be scheduled a few weeks apart.

6. Immediate Post-Treatment Period

  • Minor Side Effects: It's common to experience some redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites, which should subside within a few days.
  • Ice Packs: You might be given ice packs to help reduce swelling.

7. Recovery

  • Minimal Downtime: Sculptra generally requires minimal downtime, so you can typically return to your normal activities shortly after the treatment, following any specific instructions given by your Nob Hill Aesthetics Sculptra provider.

Remember, the exact process can vary slightly depending on your individual treatment plan. It's important to follow all instructions given by your Nob Hill Aesthetics Sculptra and communicate any concerns or questions you may have before, during, or after the procedure.

What can I expect after my Sculptra Treatment?

After your Sculptra treatment, it's important to follow certain steps and guidelines to ensure the best possible outcome and minimize any potential side effects. Here's a detailed guide on what to expect and how to care for yourself after a Sculptra treatment:

1. Immediate Post-Treatment Care

  • Ice Packs: Apply ice packs to the treated areas for a few minutes at a time during the first 24 hours to reduce swelling.
  • Avoiding Pressure: Try not to apply pressure to or massage the treated areas for several hours post-treatment, unless instructed otherwise by your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider.

2. Monitoring for Side Effects

  • Common Reactions: Expect some common reactions like redness, swelling, tenderness, or bruising at the injection sites. These should subside within a few days to a week.
  • Severe Symptoms: Watch for any signs of severe or unusual reactions, such as severe pain, large lumps, or other unexpected symptoms, and contact Nob Hill Aesthetics immediately if these occur.

3. Skin Care:

  • Gentle Cleansing: Cleanse your skin gently without vigorous rubbing for a few days post-treatment.
  • Avoid Harsh Skincare Products: Steer clear of harsh chemicals or exfoliating agents immediately after treatment.

4. Avoiding Certain Activities:

  • Heat and Sun Exposure: Avoid excessive sun and heat until any swelling and redness have resolved.
  • Strenuous Exercise: It's generally recommended to avoid vigorous exercise for a day or two after treatment to minimize swelling and bruising.

5. Massage the Area:

  • '5-5-5 Rule': Our providers recommend massaging the treated areas for 5 minutes, 5 times a day, for 5 days following the treatment to help distribute the product evenly.

6. Follow-Up Treatments:

Scheduling: If additional Sculptra sessions are planned, they are typically scheduled a few weeks apart. Stick to the schedule recommended by your Nob Hill Aesthetics Provider for optimal results.

7. Long-Term Results

  • Gradual Improvement: Remember that Sculptra results are not immediate. The improvement will be gradual as your skin produces more collagen.
  • Final Results: It may take a few months to see the full results of your treatment.

8. Post-Treatment Check-Ups:

  • Follow-Up Appointments: Attend any scheduled follow-up appointments so your Sculptra provider at Nob Hill Aesthetics can assess your results and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan.

9. Lifestyle Considerations:

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Healthy Diet: Maintain a healthy diet to support your skin's healing process.

Remember, individual experiences and healing times can vary, so it's important to follow the specific advice and instructions provided by your Nob Hill Aesthetics Sculptra Specialist. If you have any concerns or unexpected symptoms following your treatment, don't hesitate to contact us at (415) 440-6800 or use our chat bot!

When will I see my Sculptra results?

Sculptra is unique among dermal fillers in that it works gradually to stimulate your skin's own collagen production. This means that the results are not immediate, and it usually takes some time before you start to notice the effects. Here's a general timeline for when you might expect to see results from Sculptra:

Initial Treatment Phase

  • In the days immediately following your treatment, you might notice some swelling, which can give a temporary appearance of 'results'. However, this is just due to the swelling and the presence of the Sculptra solution itself, not the actual effect of the treatment.

Collagen Growth Phase (Several Weeks to Months)

  • Sculptra works by stimulating your body to produce new collagen. This process is gradual and typically begins to become noticeable within several weeks to a few months after the first treatment session.
  • The full effect of Sculptra typically emerges over the course of your treatment series, which may involve multiple injection sessions spaced several weeks apart.

Peak Results (Several Months Post-Treatment)

  • Peak results are usually observed around 4 to 6 months after the initial treatment. By this time, the new collagen has formed, and the skin's texture and volume have improved.
  • It's important to complete the full course of treatment sessions recommended by your Sculptra provider to see the best results.

Longevity of Results

  • The effects of Sculptra are long-lasting compared to many other fillers. Once you have achieved your desired results, they can last up to two years or more.
  • However, individual results can vary based on factors like age, skin condition, lifestyle, and the body's response to the treatment.

Maintenance Treatments

  • After the initial series of treatments and once you have achieved your desired results, maintenance treatments may be required to sustain the effects. The frequency of these treatments varies from person to person.

Remember, every individual's response to Sculptra can vary, and these timelines are general estimates. It's essential to follow your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider's instructions and attend all follow-up appointments to assess the progress of your treatment.


Am I a good candidate for Sculptra?

Determining whether you're a good candidate for Sculptra primarily depends on your individual skin concerns, overall health, and treatment goals. Sculptra is generally recommended for individuals who want to address age-related volume loss, deep lines, and wrinkles. Here are some key factors to consider:

  1. Aging Skin: It's ideal for those looking to restore facial volume and improve skin texture gradually.
  2. Overall Health: Good candidates are generally healthy without any active skin infections or immune system disorders. It's important to disclose any medical conditions or medications to your healthcare provider during your consultation.
  3. Treatment Expectations: Understanding that Sculptra provides gradual, not immediate, results is crucial.
  4. Commitment to Treatment Plan: Since Sculptra requires multiple treatment sessions and results emerge over time, candidates need to be committed to the full treatment plan for optimal results.
  5. Not Suitable for Certain Areas: Sculptra is not recommended for use in the lips or around the eyes. Candidates seeking enhancements in these areas might need to consider other treatments.
  6. Allergy and Sensitivity: Sculptra is made from poly-L-lactic acid, which is biocompatible and typically does not require allergy testing. However, if you have a history of severe allergies or sensitivities, discuss this with your provider.
  7. Age Factor: Sculptra is generally used for middle-aged and older patients but can be suitable for younger individuals with particular concerns about volume loss or wrinkles.
  8. No Immediate Results: If you are seeking immediate correction, Sculptra might not be the best choice. Its effects build up gradually over several months.
  9. Maintenance Treatments: Being open to follow-up and maintenance treatments is important, as the effects of Sculptra are not permanent.

It's essential to consult with your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider experienced in administering Sculptra. They can assess your individual case, discuss your aesthetic goals, and determine if Sculptra is the right choice for you. Remember, each person's skin and needs are unique, so what works for one person might not be the best option for another.

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