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What is SkinVive™?

Cheek Rejuvenation

Skinvive by Juvéderm, is a "skin booster" that provides intense hydration to your face particularly your cheeks helping your skin become smooth, glowing, and soft like never before.

Skinvive™ is the first and only intradermal microdroplet hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable that is FDA-approved to smooth the skin on the cheeks. In comparison to other HA injectables and fillers that add volume, SkinVive™ increases hydration to enhance skin texture and quality.

Replace the naturally lost HAs in your body and address those skin texture and dullness issues! Less costly and with minimal downtime, SkinVive™ offers the perfect solution to address fine lines, wrinkles, and rough skin texture!

Learn more and get started on anti-aging & enhance your skin's glow by booking a consultation with our team of highly skilled SkinVive™ medical doctors! Consultation cost of $200 will be credited to any procedure.

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SkinVive™ Treatment Summary

  • SkinVive™ Cost:

    Base Deal (per Vial)

    • Regular Price: $700 per Vial

    • Membership Price: $525 per Vial

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  • What SkinVive™ Treats:

    1. Skin dullness on cheeks

    2. Loss of skin hydration and texture

    3. Appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the cheeks

  • SkinVive™ Treatable Areas:

    1. Cheeks

  • SkinVive™ Treatment Time:

    Procedure Time - 15 minutes for each Session

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  • SkinVive™ Treatment Series:

    Initial Correction - 2 to 3 Vials

    Maintenance - 2 to 3 Vials every 6 months

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  • SkinVive™ Recovery Time:

    Recovery Time - minimal downtime, but minimize strenuous exercise, intense exposure to sun or heat, and consumption of alcoholic beverages within 24 hours following the treatment

  • SkinVive™ Side Effects:

    Common Side Effects - bumps, swelling, bruising, pain, tenderness, firmness, discoloration, and itching (most side effects will resolve within 7 days, if it persists, your provider at Nob Hill Aesthetics may prescribe antibiotics, steroids, or hyaluronidase to treat the conditions).

    Rare Side Effects - More rare side effects include skin infection, abrasions, or papules at the injection site.

    *if rare side effects appear call us at (415) 440-6800 or use the chat bot and we will respond right away

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  • Treatment Results:

    1. Improved Skin Smoothness & Softness

    2. Glowing Skin

    3. Hydrated and Healthier Skin

    4. Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

    *Individual Results may vary and last around 6 months with optimal care depending on the severity of condition and response

    *Results will immediately appear but may require several weeks as improved Collagen, Elastin, and hydration kick in

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Our SkinVive™ Providers


    Konstantin Bukov, MD

    Over 10 years of experience in the aesthetics industry

    With his exceptional skill set, artistic vision, and unwavering dedication to your well-being, Dr. Bukov is committed to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals


    Madeline Kaveri, RN

    Over 12 years of experience in the aesthetics industry

    Madeline combines her wealth of experience, meticulous attention to detail, and a warm, nurturing style of care to deliver an unparalleled level of service

Reviews of Our SkinVive™ Specialists

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"Dr. Bukov is THE BEST! I’m so happy with my face every time. He is very knowledgeable & gentle. Their “Beauty Bank” program makes it so easy to keep you looking snatched without breaking the bank. Everyone that works here is friendly & welcoming"

Penny J.

"I was looking for a place that offers masseter botox for TMJ and I found this place on Yelp. They did not disappoint! The receptionists are very nice and welcoming. Wait times aren’t long, but you do have to make an appointment. My nurse injector, Maddie, is great and very attentive. Definitely recommend!"

Enza G.

"I highly recommend Dr. Bukov and his staff. I’ve been a patient/client for almost a year now and every procedure has been exactly what I wanted. I should mention that I drive three hours just to come in.. they are that great!"

Elizabeth B.

"As always & consistently since I joined the Nobhill membership I have received stellar service — the environment is so inviting & I feel 100% well cared for! Madeline is a great addition to the team— she was fantastic!"

Margaret A.

"All of the staff here are extremely pleasant. I’ve never had any treatments done, ever, prior to my consultation & Dr. Bukov was knowledgeable & helped me make a decision on what was right for me. Never once did anyone try to get me to pay more for services that I didn’t want & their prices are reasonable. They truly seem to be there to help you feel like your best self. Thank you for a great first experience!"

Juliana R.

"Everyone is professional.
Extremely courteous administration and staff.

Dr. Bukov is first rate, very considerate doctor who clearly puts his patient first.

No wonder the office is so popular!"


"Maddy is a godsend to anyone like me who is nervous around needles! She is the most gentle and considerate and her work is impeccable. The membership plan is also so convenient and makes planning my finances so much easier. Highly recommend!"

Maria M.

"Dr. Bukov runs an amazing practice that offers so many different things in one place. His staff have to be the friendliest in San Francisco, and they truly care about their clients. Highly recommend this place."

Cory L.

"Nurse Maddy is the best injector! She is highly skilled, extremely compassionate and patient. She took the time out of her busy schedule to listen to my needs/concerns, provide patient education and collaborate with me to come up with the best treatment. She is a master injector and very knowledgeable."

Mar T.

"I am so happy with my cheek and lip fillers from Maddie!! 100% recommend!!!"

Jacqulynn O.

Real Results





Frequently Asked Questions

Treatment Details

How Is SkinVive™ Different than Other Treatments For Skin Rejuvination?

SkinVive™ - other procedures that rejuvenate your skin like Morpheus8, Halo, and Sculptra do not replace the hyaluronic acid that your body naturally loses as we age. In addition, the intradermal microdroplet mechanism provides a unique ability to pinpoint target the hydration underneath your skin on your cheeks. SkinVive™ does not target volume loss, but address skin quality, hydration, and skin texture!

Does SkinVive™ Work?

In clinical trials, 63% of patients reported satisfaction with how radiant their facial skin looked at six months compared to 11% before.

How Does SkinVive™ Work?

SkinVive™ uses the moisture-attracting qualities of the hyaluronic acid (HA) molecules to increase hydration in the skin and improve texture. Instead of injecting the solution into the dermis to fill in volume loss, your Nob Hill Aesthetics medical provider will inject SkinVive™ superficially (just on the outer layer of your skin, or your epidermis). Once, it is injected, the deposits of HAs will even out and diffuse leaving behind lasting hydration, glow, and increased skin quality & texture!

Is SkinVive™ Safe?

SkinVive™ carries the same risk as other aesthetic injectables. These side effects are mild and only last a few days and up to 7 days. They include swelling, bruising, redness, tenderness, or firmness at or near the injection site. More rare side effects include skin infection, abrasions, or papules at the injection site. For a full list of side effects and other safety concerns we recommend referring to the side effects treatment summary tab above, or go to the SkinVive™ website.

What precautions should be taken before & after SkinVive™?

Before Treatment

1. Tell Your Nob Hill Aesthetic Doctor if you are using any medication - that can prolong bleeding such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or other blood thinners as they may increase bruising or bleeding at the injection site.

2. Tell Your Nob Hill Aesthetic Doctor if you are planning on having a laser treatment, chemical peel, or any other procedure after - your SkinVive™ treatment as there are risk of a inflammatory reaction.

3. On Therapy - Tell your Nob Hill Aesthetics provider and doctor if you are on therapy used to decrease the body's immune response which may increase the risk of infection.

4. Pregnant - The safety of SkinVive™ has not been studied with women who are breastfeeding or during pregnancy.

5. Excessive Scarring - The safety of SkinVive™ has not been studied with individuals who have had a history of excessive scarring and may result in additional scars

6. Pigmentation Disorders - The safety of SkinVive™ has not been studied with individuals who have had a history of pigmentation disorders and may result in changes in pigmentation

After Treatment

7. Minimize Strenuous Exercise - Following first 24 hours after treatments

8. Minimize Exposure to Extensive Sun or Heat - Following first 24 hours after treatments

What is the downside to SkinVive™?

While SkinVive™ is considered a very safe and effective treatment for achieving glass like skin, there are some potential downsides to consider:

Mild side effects - like bruising, swelling, and redness are common, but most resolve within about 7 days.

More Subtle Results - SkinVive™ improves skin quality, which has a more subtle effect than the addition of volume through fillers.

After Treatment Details

When will I see my SkinVive™ results?

You may see some plumping shortly after, but full results won't develop for a few weeks.

Depending on what result you are looking for (hydration, smooth skin texture, or the reduction of fine lines), the time required to see results will vary. Some results will be fast and appear in days, however other results may take a month or even longer as the dermal layer hydration takes effect.

What can I expect after my SkinVive™ treatment?
  1. Immediate Post-Treatment Sensation - you can typically expect to resume your normal activities immediately. However, it is common to experience some temporary side effects, including redness, swelling, tenderness, and bruising at the injection sites. These effects are generally mild and resolve within a few days to a week.
  2. Post-Treatment Skin Care - after the treatment, To minimize swelling and bruising, your healthcare professional may recommend applying cold compresses and avoiding certain activities, such as intense exercise and excessive sun exposure, for a specified period following the treatment. They may also provide you with specific aftercare instructions, including skincare recommendations and guidelines for optimal results.
  3. Results Over Time -The results of Skinvive by Juvéderm are typically visible immediately after the treatment, although the full effects may take a few days to fully manifest as any initial swelling subsides. You can expect to see a noticeable improvement in the treated areas, with reduced wrinkles, smoother skin texture, and enhanced facial volume.
  4. Maintenance Required - with proper care, results will last up to 9 months, but maintenance is often recommended every 6 months to ensure the best results are maintained.

Remember, individual experiences can vary, so it's crucial to have open communication with your provider both before and after the treatment to ensure the best outcome and address any concerns you might have.

Nob Hill Aesthetics

Why Nob Hill Aesthetics?

Our team of SkinVive™ providers at Nob Hill Aesthetics have undergone extensive training and are proud to be one of the leaders in the industry for aesthetic injectables. In addition, our team is led by Dr. Bukov who is recognized by U.S. News as one of the top doctors with a top ranking by his patients.

Can I get a consultation Without Coming in?

Online consultations for SkinVive™ may be done with rough estimates through pictures. However, we believe that an in person 15 minute consultation is the best method to determine whether SkinVive™ is right for you! Get that glass skin and feel the intense hydration with lasting results! Minimal downtime, little discomfort, all hydration!

Contact us by calling (415) 440-6800, use the chat bot, or use the book now button to make an appointment for a consultation now to get started!


What Memberships Discounts are There?

While we have 3 tiers of Memberships for the Botox® Club, but we also have 3 tiers of Premium Memberships (Silver, Gold, and Premier) for all other procedures.

All of the Premium Memberships offers 25% Off on all Aesthetic Injectables including SkinVive™! The Premium Memberships start at $200/month, but these payments go toward your Beauty Wallet and can be used toward any treatment or skincare product.

How much does My SkinVive™ Treatment Cost?

The price of your SkinVive™ treatment depends on your needs and goals. Most people will require only 2 Vials.

  • Regular Price: $700 per CC
  • Membership Price: $525 per CC


Am I a good candidate for SkinVive™?

Almost everyone is a great candidate for SkinVive™.

Anyone Looking to Address:

  1. Dull Skill
  2. Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  3. Rejuvenation

Anyone Without:

A history of multiple severe allergies or allergic reactions - if you are allergic to lidocaine or the Gram-positive bacterial proteins used in this product, or if you have had previous allergic reactions to hyaluronic acid fillers.

A consultation with our qualified healthcare provider is essential to assess your specific skin concerns, medical history, and treatment goals to determine if SkinVive™ is a suitable option for you.

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