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Body Refining: Best Treatments to Get After Weight Loss

Weight loss is a difficult journey for many people, to the point where only five percent of those who try so hard end up succeeding. Once you reach that ideal number on the scale, you finally feel good about yourself and your commitment. The problem is that the results might not always be as expected. 

Stubborn fat might still be visible, and the skin might be sagging in all the wrong places. If you want your physique to be in top shape, keep reading: we will present a few efficient alternatives in this blog.

Fat-Reduction Treatments

Weight loss involves an entire process of trying different ways to shed some extra pounds. While medical weight loss treatments are an option nowadays, the standard method remains dieting and exercising. The problem is that with all of these options, you can't control the areas where you lose fat. So, when stubborn fat lingers, you have several fat-reduction treatment options to choose from at Nob Hill Aesthetics, including:

1. CoolSculpting® Elite 

CoolSculpting® Elite is a very efficient fat-reduction treatment that uses a process called cryolipolysis to reduce stubborn fat. 

The procedure employs two handheld tools to spot-treat two problem areas simultaneously in order to kill the fat cells without breaking the skin. Once the fat cells are damaged beyond repair, your body will naturally expel them through your lymphatic system, leaving a smoother, thinner appearance behind.  


Those who lost weight primarily through dieting and wish to tone their body could try EMSCULPT NEO®. This treatment uses two technologies, namely radiofrequency and HIFEM™, to help contour the body. One helps burn down fat, while the other keeps the muscles contracting. It's a good option if you want to tone your abs or arms but don't like the exercising part.

3. CoolTone®  

While CoolSculpting® uses cryolipolysis to remove excess fat, CoolTone® relies on magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to trigger muscle contraction. This helps firm the body and tone it in a way that looks natural, offering a leaner physique. It's like an intense workout but without all the sweat.


Skin Tightening Procedures

You may have reached a point where you no longer have stubborn fat on your body and are relatively content with your contour. However, while the fat may no longer bother you, you probably can't say the same about the skin. 

It's normal for the skin to become loose after weight loss, especially after a certain age or if you've lost a lot of weight. A good method to fix that is to improve your collagen and elastin production, which can be done through the following means:

1. Microneedling 

Microneedling is one of the standard ways to get your body toned after losing weight. Very often, a weight-loss journey can leave your face and other body areas sagging while lacking volume due to the excess skin. Microneedling creates very tiny channels in your skin that trigger your healing response. This sends collagen and elastin to the treated area, tightening its surface. 

2. Morpheus8™ 

When standard microneedling is not enough, RF energy can help improve the results. 

Morpheus8™ uses both of these technologies to trigger a healing response in your skin. The needles create the channels in the skin while delivering radiofrequency energy through them. Not only does it help treat signs of aging, but it also tightens the skin after weight loss. 

3. Halo™ Laser

Those women and men wishing to tighten the skin and restore elasticity without breaking the skin barrier could try Halo™ laser. Using a combination of ablative and non-ablative lasers, this laser triggers collagen and elastin production, reducing sagginess. While effective, this option is recommended mainly for people who haven't lost that much weight.

Get After-Weight-Loss Treatments Now!

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