picture of a woman and toned abs to illustrate the possible results from Emsculpt Neo

Enhance Your Weight-Loss Journey with Emsculpt Neo®

Losing excess weight is a milestone that makes every person feel proud, especially if they worked hard to do so. However, not every weight-loss journey goes as smoothly as you want. For instance, while many overweight people manage to reduce excess fat, they end up with loose skin at the end of it. This often happens when you don’t have a good diet-exercise balance, causing your skin to fall behind.

This is where treatments like EMSCULPT NEO® come in. Using the latest technologies for fat reduction and muscle toning, this procedure can help you offer a better contour to your body. Read our blog to find out more about EMSCULPT NEO® and how it can enhance your weight-loss journey.


Woman with contoured abs to illustrate Emsculpt neo results


EMSCULPT NEO® is an innovative device that combines HIFEM® and RF technology to sculpt your body in one treatment session. The tool features an applicator that delivers both energies into the target areas, improving them without affecting the skin or other tissue surrounding it. 

The high-intensity electromagnetic energy (HIFEM®) targets your weak muscles, strengthening them, whereas radiofrequency (RF) reduces subcutaneous fat. The procedure is often recommended for those individuals who are near their ideal weight but want to brush up on their features and stubborn areas.


Image of a women's body contours



Using EMSCULPT NEO® during your weight-loss journey can bring a series of benefits, including the following: 

  • Reduces Stubborn Fat

Fat does not always go away from where you want it to. For instance, you may have reached your ideal weight, but you were left with excess fat on the love handle area or your lower abdomen. EMSCULPT NEO® can target that fat, destroying the fat cells, and allowing your lymphatic system to naturally flush the fat out over time.

  • Enhances Muscle Mass

For your body to look beautifully contoured, you need to have some muscle to show off as well. Some patients choose a weight-loss journey that only involves dieting, which means their muscles will receive no toning. EMSCULPT NEO® can make up for that, increasing muscle mass by up to 25 percent and giving you the body that only a gym-goer could obtain.

  • It Offers Quick Treatment Sessions

Very often, to achieve the body-sculpting results that you want, you have to spend endless hours in the gym, trying to tone your body. EMSCULPT NEO® treatments can reduce that time to about 30 minutes without even stepping foot in a gym, after which, your body can take care of the rest. This makes it the appropriate choice for patients with a busy lifestyle.

  • It Finishes Your Weight-Loss Journey

Many patients who complete their weight-loss treatment believe that their journey is not over, despite reaching their target weight. This happens due to stubborn fat still clinging to certain areas, or the body not looking as toned as it should be after dieting. EMSCULPT NEO® can solve this issue, as it helps the body by reducing fat and toning your muscles. 



a picture of a woman with toned Abs 

What to Expect From Recovery 

One of the best parts about EMSCULPT NEO® is that it’s non-invasive, which means that you won’t have any surgical wounds to recover from. That being said, you may experience a few side effects, which are normal for this type of technology. These are minimal, which means that most patients should be able to return to their daily routine immediately.

Most effects feel like the ones you’d get after a workout. Since the HIFEM® technology induces about 30,000 muscle contractions in the target area, it’s not very uncommon to feel sore. You should allow about 12 to 24 hours for this sensation to go away. RF technology can also cause temporary redness and swelling, but these effects typically subside within a day or two. Most people think of this treatment as a day of working out on a sunny day.

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