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The Differences and Benefits of Microneedling & Procell Therapies Microchanneling

When looking for dramatic improvements in the skin’s appearance, microneedling and microchanneling are often great options. Injury healing, regardless of how minimal it may be, triggers the production of new collagen, which is essential for closing the wound. By creating microscopic holes in your skin, you start this process enough to produce new collagen, but not as much as to leave an injury.

There are multiple procedures out there that can offer this kind of benefit, the most popular ones being microneedling and Procell Therapies microchanneling. In this blog, you will find out more about these procedures so that you can determine which one works best for your needs and desires.

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Microneedling and Its Benefits

Microneedling is a skincare procedure that uses tiny needles attached to a stamper or roller, which is then applied to the skin. This creates small, microscopic injuries that trigger your body’s healing response. The procedure is often used to treat surgical scars, acne scars, and stretch marks. 

Once the micro-wounds are created in your skin, they encourage the dermis to rebuild itself after the trauma. This will start a new production of proteins like collagen and elastin. The deeper the needles go, the more potential for collagen production there will be, which is why an initial consultation is necessary. 

Aside from stretch marks and scar reduction, microneedling can also reduce visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. The renewed production of elastin can reduce skin laxity, making it the better option for patients who have sagging skin. 

Recovery from microneedling is short, and you may notice some redness and bruising for a few days. Patients typically enjoy microneedling results after one treatment session. However, if you have a more complex issue like hyperpigmentation, it may take more than one session to see results. A consultation with our professionals will determine how many sessions will be required to achieve your goals. 

Microchanneling and Its Benefits

Microchanneling is, in a way, similar to microneedling, as it also uses a device to create small injuries to your skin. The wire-based filaments will exfoliate the skin and create micro-channels, which are consistent on the target surface. This will trigger a new production of collagen, resulting in a younger and fresher look. 

The microchanneling treatment makes use of a linear stamping technique that operates at a fixed depth. This reduces discomfort, takes out the risks of scarring, and accelerates cell turnover. Once the channels are created, the Procell serum is administered to accelerate the healing process. 

The procedure is used to treat aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin, along with scars on the target surface. However, it can also be used to treat conditions like rosacea and uneven skin tone. This is all thanks to the stimulating stem cell serum, which encourages the production of new cells. 


Where Do They Meet?

Both microneedling and microchanneling have a similar way of triggering your body’s healing process. Microneedling uses tiny metal needles to poke holes into your skin, whereas microchanneling uses wire-based channel-creating filaments to exfoliate it. Both will create micro-injuries in your skin, which in turn will encourage a new production of elastin and collagen.

Microneedling devices have adjustable depths, making them a good option for those looking for customized treatments. On the other hand, microchanneling has fixed filaments. Some may think this is the better option, as the results are usually consistent. If you want the needless to go deeper and encourage more collagen production, then microneedling may prove to be the more appropriate choice. 

What differentiates microneedling and microchanneling the most is that the latter uses a proprietary biotechnology serum. Instead of simply applying it on the skin, the microchanneling device will push it deeper, allowing the serum to interact with your cellular DNA. This treatment offers the skin more nourishment, repairing it at a cellular level.

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